ROO - Rocking toy

Designer: Aldis Circenis, 2011

The basic idea behind the Roo rocker was to find a shape with the potential to be produced out of a single package of flat plywood sheets, while being reminiscent of a classic toy. Some inspiration came from the traditional paper folding technique of origami. The minimalistic, yet archetypal shape gives the immediate impression of a rocking toy. For some, it may look more like a sheep, or kangaroo; for others, it still looks like a good old rocking horse. A significant functional advantage over a classic rocker is the stackability of the Roo. It is an ideal space saver.

Roo has received the "IF Product Design Award 2013" and the "German Design Award: Special Mention 2014"

Compilies with: EN 71-1:2011 "Safety of toys"

Available in Birch, Beech, Oak, Walnut veneer or laminate in various colours.



iF DESIGN AWARD 2013, Discipline: Product


GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2014, Catagory: Lifestyle

Width: 315mm
Depth: 805 mm
Height: 430 mm
Weight: 3 kg