Bloom Bar UPH

Designer: Aldis Circenis, 2012

Bloom Bar UPH is a bar stool with upholstered seat. Bar stool is made of moulded plywood. The waved shape of the legs makes it possible to reduce the thickness of the structure to 6 mm. The result is a very light yet sturdy bar stool, the circular shape of which makes it stackable. Its form is reminiscent of its name “bloom”. The sculptural appearance and elegant proportions of the bar stool make it suit-able for almost every type of interior decoration.

Seat is made from 100% wool (abrasion resistance - Martindale - 60.000 rubs)

Available in birch, beech, oak, walnut veneer or laminate in various colours (white, light grey, dark grey and black). Upholstery - grey, green, red and black.

Foot rests are covered with metal lining.